Takeit – giełda transportowa, ładunki, pojazdy
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About us


In search of inspiration…

No serious businessman opening his own company does not assume that it will be easy. Many of them at the beginning will face a great challenge, which is the fulfilment of many duties connected with it and at the same time with the need to meet the requirements of the booming industry, and the competition every day trampling on their heels…

Observing the market for many years we have come to a few conclusions, which matured in us to finally turn the plans and thoughts into reality.

Was it easy?

No. Work on the project consumed many hours of hard, demanding and sometimes tedious work. Along the way were successes, but also failures, laughter and tears, satisfaction and frustration … And also:

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cups of strong coffee

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ghours of project meetings

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hours prototyping
and tests with users

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work hours

…to finally achieve our common goal!

Many years of experience in software development, implementation and maintenance of portals, knowledge and access to the latest technology, the ability to peek into the mind of businessmen, and above all, great passion to create great things, fundamental and useful – it is an explosive mixture, from which we created Takeit.

Our basic values


We create innovative and reliable solutions that not only meet the highest quality standards, but also meet the current trends in design. As a result, our platform is a reliable tool in every detail, available on all devices with different parameters.

American potential on the Polish market

The idea of creating a professional platform dedicated to the transport industry was born in 2015. Officially the company was founded on17th May 2016 in the USA – the cradle of development and innovation. This is where every day appear innovative concepts, revolutionary project conquering markets around the world.

The idea of our company was to transfer the best solutions on the Polish ground and to adapt them to current market realities.

Takeit Platform is primarily an ideal place to build lasting business relationships. We develop comprehensive tools to support the transport industry based on modern, reliable technology with a user-friendly interface.

Who is behind all this?

Here is the brain of the Takeit Project. Meet our team:

Mateusz Baczewski

and Development


Key Account

Konrad Sajkowski

Strategy Manager


Team Manager

Imagine that…

… your company starts making a profit, you could never imagine, co-workers are happy and confident about their work, family and friends see a smile on your face, even a dog wags his tail more often while seeing you and finally you feel alive!

Nervous searching for orders, eternal reminding contractors of unpaid invoices, stress, sleepless nights, stomach discomfort from hectolitres of coffee – it’s only the past!

Ever since you joined Takeit, your life made sense, because you do not have to spend every free minute on matters related to the functioning of your business.

Now we do it for you!

This is how your reality may look like with Takeit!