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Protect yourself and your business


Did you know that a false entry in the insurance contract can lead your company to bankruptcy?

Are you doing enough to protect your business?
Entrust us to conduct the security audit of your company and check whether the current insurance does not expose your business to a loss.

Are you a contracting carrier? You do not know how to insure your business?
We know how to protect your business! Contact us today!

What do we offer

We represent only the interests of our Customer. We act on behalf of or for the benefit of the Customer, taking full responsibility for every action of the services. In contrast to the cooperation with an insurance agent, our role does not end with the moment of conclusion of the contract. In the event that the Customer is entitled to compensation under the terms of the agreement, we take responsibility for the payment and completion of all formalities related to this.

  • Detailed analysis of the client’s needs, development potential of business and any risks associated with the type of business
  • Development of insurance program that contains an insurance offer optimal and required, from the point of view of the particular business
  • Negotiations and the analysis of offers from all insurance companies
  • Insurance consultancy
  • Comprehensive services in the field of contracts and completion of all formalities related to insurance
  • Supervision of punctuality and implementation of insurance contracts
  • Liquidation of damages for the maximum benefit for the Customer
  • Cooperation in the field of insurance, both in the country and abroad

What do you gain?

  • Saving time and money
    We handle all the formalities associated with insurance. Our experts will guide your case from beginning to end, and will not unnecessarily engage you in this process
  • The most advantageous insurance offer on the market
    Our goal is to negotiate the lowest possible premiums for you within the required insurance. So you do not pay for something you do not need
  • Comfort and security
    There is no risk, because we are responsible for insurance and claims adjustment
  • Comprehensive care of professionals
    Our specialists work for you. We care only about your interests and offer help at every stage of the service.

How do we work?


Other services



We provide our customers with professional support in the claiming of compensation.

Financial services

Financial services

We specialize in comprehensive financial services for entrepreneurs from various industries.

Debt collection

Debt collection

We offer comprehensive assistance in recovery for businesses and individuals, as well as professional support at every stage of the recovery process